Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Smartphones: A PEW Research Center Report on Who Owns Them

The PEW Research Center recently released a report on smartphone ownership that has some really great data about smartphones, and who owns them. The report also examined smartphone platforms, in terms of their growth, and in termso f the demographics behind who prefers which platform.

Among the interesting data findings is that, well, in someways, smart people are more likely to own smart phones !

To begin with, they provide the chart below, which basically shows two things:
  1. More people now own SOME type of cell phone than two years ago - 17% didn't own a cell phone 2 years ago, whereas now only 9% do not have some sort of cell phone.
  2. Smartphones are becoming the phone of choice among cell phone owners - 35% owned smart phone sin May of 2011 versus 56% as of May of this year. Of course, this doesn't necessarily account for the fact that finding a "non-smart phone" is harder and harder among venders.

Their research also shows that smartphone users are most likely to be:
  1. Well educated (70% of those with college degrees have smart phones)
  2. Earn in excess of $75,000 annually (78% of those making $75k own smart phones)
  3. Live in more densely populated areas like cities or their suburbs (59% of urban and suburban dwellers own smart phones)

Of course one of the ongoing arguments among smartphone users is which platform is best ? Typically this comes down to a battle between iPhone users and those using Android platform phones. The table below lays out the typical demographics for each platform, and rather than suggests one shows any advantage over the other suffice to say they both have their supporters.

To see the entire report (and there are lots of other interesting tables, etc.) be sure to visit their website !