Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NYS Atlas Project Website: Abandoned Gem on the Net

While the New York State Atlas Project appears to be an abandoned blog that has been unattended for about a year , there are several rather interesting maps available on the website. There are several categories of maps on the right to choose from, and then a blog post associated with most of the individual posts. Once you pull up the map or post, you can zoom into (or out of) the map to see a specific area more closely. Clicking on a county gives you a plethora of data about the thematic topic and actually is pretty interesting.

For example, in looking at some of the economic maps, I was interested in seeing the tourism jobs information. Focusing on Oneida County, I clicked on it to find the following data pop up:

Now, I'm not sure if the "Total Wages" is supposed to be in millions of dollars ($ mn = ???) but it would make sense. Regardless, I found it more interesting to see that there were some 7,100 tourism based jobs in the county, and that their average wages were $23,700 per year. Unfortunately there is a minimal amount of source information about the data, so there is no way to tell exactly where some of these numbers come from. Regardless, at the very least, the various posts offer some ideas for future projects we could look into mapping!