Thursday, June 27, 2013

Median Household Income: New Maps Now Available!

Thanks to our GIS group for getting these maps together showing the median household incomes by block group within Herkimer and Oneida Counties ! Remember that block groups are as small as we can go geographically with most data. Block groups are basically sub-areas of Census tracts, so a tract might typically have any where from three to six block groups within it.

You can see the tract maps for both counties, as well as these many other types of maps (these median household income maps have just been added) on our MAPS page. If you're interested in some other income data, you might want to visit a previous post showing income and poverty measures by municipality for each county. You could also simply search using the search engine at the upper right of the Census Affiliate blog for all "income" related posts.

In the meantime, here are the maps for your perusal !
Click to Enlarge OC
Click to Enlarge Utica
Click to Enlarge Rome
Click to Enlarge HC
Click to Enlarge HC Valley