Monday, June 24, 2013

Oneida County Towns and Cities Median Ages

Last week I posted a piece about median ages in Herkimer County towns and the City of Little Falls. Here is the same data for Oneida County towns and cities. Note that I didn't put the numbers on the graph for the upper and lower bounds of the 90% confidence interval just to reduce the amount of visual clutter in contains. To see the actual confidence intervals you can look at the table at the bottom to see the actual numbers.

Several things stand out about the data. The median age for the county as a whole is 40.6 years of age in the 2011 five year ACS estimates. Based on that, two municipalities clearly have populations whose median age is significantly less than the county's. The first is the Town of Augusta, at 35.1 years old. The second is the City of Utica, at 35.2 years of age. In both cases, given their 90% confidence intervals, these two municipalities' populations are are statistically younger than the rest of Oneida County.

On the other side of the equation, we find significantly older populations in the following towns or cities: Forestport (52.3 years old), Marshall(45.2 years old), New Hartford(46.3 years old), Paris(46.4 years old), Sherrill(45.1 years old), Vienna(44.5 years old), Western(46.9 years old), and Westmoreland(43.7 years old).

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