Friday, June 21, 2013

Finding Local Daycare: The Child Care Council at Cornell Cooperative Extension

Finding good child care is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions parents make when faced with that needed service. Working in the child care profession is a demanding job that requires a great deal of patience, responsibility, and caring on the part of the workers. Locally the Child Care Council has a lot of great information about local child care openings, as well as job training opportunities. They are sponsored through Cornell Cooperative Extension.

According to the latest Equal Employment Opportunities data from the Census Bureau, there are roughly 309 people presently working in childcare jobs in Herkimer County, and about 1,310 people in the same line of work in Oneida County. Educationally, child care workers in Herkimer County are somewhat split between those with some college experience (48.5% have an associates degree or at least some college classwork) and those with only a high school diploma or less (46.6%). About 5% have bachelor's degrees among childcare workers in Herkimer County.

In Oneida County, more than half of the child care workers have a high school diploma or less (51.5%), while another 43.5% have either an associate's degree or some college course work. And as was the case in Herkimer County, 5% of Oneida County's child care workers have a bachelor's degree.

Below is an interesting infographic from the Census Bureau about national child care trends. Click to see it enlarged on the Census Bureau website for easier reading.

Child Care infographic image