Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Migration Flow Patterns By County Now Available!

Based on data collected during the American Community Survey from 2006 to 2010, county-to-county migration tables are now available from the U.S Census Bureau. These migration tables give added information on the paths of the 17.3 million people who moved to another county. The tables provide the current county of residence, the county of residence one year ago and the estimated number of movers between the counties. Additional tables provide the same information broken down by selected characteristics: age, sex, race or Hispanic origin.

The Census Bureau has developed its first beta version of an online mapping tool called Census Flows Mapper. It is an interactive application that allows users to select a county in the U.S. and view the outbound, inbound and net migration flows for that county. Additionally, users can choose flows based on characteristics such as age, sex, race or Hispanic origin. The application also allows users to download the data for the flow they have selected, zoom in and out on the map to an area of interest, view additional statistics of the selected county and print their map to a PDF file. 

Try out this new feature from the Census Bureau at:

And click on the map below to see a sample of what the maps look like!