Monday, April 22, 2013

Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees: Primary Immigration Data Through 2013

For over 200 years, Utica, New York, a city of 60,000 has attracted immigrants and refugees.  The immigrant communities that have settled in the city include Italian, Irish, German, Polish, and Arab populations.  In the past 30 years, Utica has been host to more than 13,000 refugees.

This phenomenon has been the subject of numerous national and international news articles and has provided Oneida County with the fourth highest concentration of refugees in the U.S. and the City of Utica with a refugee population of nearly 12%. Refugees have been resettled to the region by the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees  (MVRCR), one of the largest resettlement agencies in the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service network.

The MVRCR has become an important part of our region by promoting the well-being of culturally diverse individuals and families within our communities. They welcome refugees and immigrants, and provide individual and community-centered activities designed to create opportunity and facilitate understanding. They offer a combination of programs and services that help teach refugees practical life skills that: (a) enhance their ability to integrate into the community; (b) build individual and community capacity to integrate our new neighbors into the local Utica community; and (c) foster an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance through the engagement of individual clients, the refugee/immigrant community and the local community.
Since its inception, the Center has assisted refugees from more than 31 countries, including Bosnia, Cambodia, Czechoslovakia, Haiti, Hungary, Laos, Poland, Romania, the former Soviet Union, Vietnam, Sudan, Somalia Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, China, Somalia, Burma and others. To see primary immigration data on all of the immigrant populations that have come to the region via the MVRCR through the first quarter of this year, click the table below.

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