Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mobile Housing in Herkimer and Oneida Counties By Municipalities

Mobile homes (not to be confused with manufactured housing) have many different advantages and disadvantages to their potential owners. A quick Google search on "advantages and disadvantages of mobile home ownership" can get you any number of articles on the topic. The pluses and minuses range from their low purchase cost to their higher loan rates and quick depreciation. Clearly they are not for everyone, but certainly they fill a need for quite a few people !

Our region has a fair number of mobile homes present, and in some of the towns, villages, and cities they are regulated by local ordinances. Below you can find tables showing the number of mobile homes according to the 2011 American Communities Survey (ACS) in each of the municipalities in our region.

Click to Enlarge Herkimer County Data
Click to Enlarge Oneida County Data
In addition, there are two maps below showing the concentration of mobile homes within each census block group in both counties.

Click to Enlarge Herkimer County Map
Click to Enlarge Oneida County Map