Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CDPs: Old Forge Data Available for the First Time

CDPs - or Census Designated Places -  are closely settled, named, unincorporated communities that generally contain a mixture of residential, commercial, and retail areas similar to those found in incorporated places of similar sizes. A full description of this definition can be found in an earlier post on this blog.

A recent request for data about the Old Forge area offers a chance to look at the demographic, social, economic and housing data from the American Communities Survey (ACS) for the new Old Forge CDP. below are links to each of the 2011 Five Year ACS Estimates for Old Forge.

Old Forge CDP Demographic Data

Old Forge CDP Social Data

Old Forge CDP Economic Data

Old Forge CDP Housing Data

To get a view of what the Old Forge CDP actually covers geographically, visit the prior blog post showing all of the region's CDP maps.