Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Number Cruncher's Dream Site: Statistic Brain

Statistic Brain is a website dedicated to, well, statistics...on everything...and I mean EVERYTHING ! Their love of data runs from business to sports stats, food to crime stats, demographics to technology stats, and everything in between. Categorically they have pretty much everything covered, with decent citations as well. In their own words, Statistic Brain members describe themselves as follows: "Statistic Brain is a group of passionate number people. We love numbers, their purity, and what they represent. Numbers can bring humans together, they tell us how we are alike and how we are beautifully unique. Numbers are a way to reflect on how far we’ve come and give us hope for the future. Our goal is to bring you accurate and timely statistics. We will never become number analysts because we believe numbers should only be interpreted by the reader. We want to educate, assist, and sometimes entertain with numbers on every subject. We hope that today you learn something new, find inspiration for tomorrow, and use your knowledge for something good."

The only downside is the data tends to deal with national level statistics. But maybe in the process of seeing how some of their data is useful, we might find some interesting future areas of study locally! For example, here's some interesting info on credit card debt from their site, based on data from the Federal Reserve.

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