Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Single-County IRS Migration Profiles

State and county migration data for 2010–2011 are now available on Tax Stats. Migration data for the United States are based on year-to-year address changes reported on individual income tax returns filed with the IRS. The data present migration patterns by State or by county for the entire United States and are available for inflows (the number of new residents who moved to a county or State and where they migrated from) and outflows (the number of residents leaving a county or State and where they went).

The Missouri Census Data Center, under the leadership of John Blodgett, one of the true treasures of the national state data center program,  has downloaded and converted these files. Their web application for generating IRS Migration Profile reports has been upgraded to recognize the new year of data. Access this application at the IRS Migration Profile menu page (for single counties, anywhere in the U.S.). 

This application will generate a migration profile with data regarding movement into and out of the chosen county based on tracking movement reflected in IRS tax returns in consecutive tax years.  The report will by default show all counties that had a minimum of 10 tax returns indicating a move into the selected county or out of that county.

Below are just partial samples of what the profiles look like.  Visit the website to explore the entire profiles for Herkimer and Oneida counties!

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