Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CGR Report on the Future of County Nursing Homes in NYS

Virtually all nursing homes across New York State, whether operated by a county, for-profit company, or non-profit operator face wide ranging, significant challenges. For county-owned homes, however, the future is especially troubled.
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The Center for Governmental Research (CGR) of Rochester conducted a year-long, statewide study that focused on nursing homes owned by 33 counties, four homes sold by other counties since 2005, and two homes closed by counties in recent years.

CGR’s recommended guidelines for county officials and nursing home administrators include developing county long-term care plans and expanding community-based services; and strengthening working relationships between nursing home administrators, labor representatives and county officials to make county homes more financially viable.

For those counties that opt to sell their homes, the guidelines call for establishing clear county criteria and expectations for potential buyers to meet; and holding potential buyers accountable for meeting those expectations.

To view the entire report and their recommendations visit this link from CGR.