Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cornell PAD Trend Data: Building Upon the Release of IRS Records

The Cornell Program of Applied Demographics (PAD) has recently folded in the IRS records cited in my last post on their Trends page.

The PAD Trends page presents recent demographic and economic county trends. The data presented is collected from a variety of sources. The trends (variables) are organized in chapters and sub-chapters. Each trend has a little sparkline that quickly gives a glance at the recent trend. More detail, including the numbers are also available.

To use their page:
  • Select a county (or the state as a whole) using the drop down menu.
  • The bottom grey bar has some additional menu items:
    • Trends that have to do with dollar amounts can be displayed unadjusted for inflation (Current $) or adjusted for inflation (Constant 2000 $)
    • "Export to Excel" will create a Microsoft Excel file with the data from selected variables.
    • "Analyze" will open a new window with larger graphs. This page allows for some basic computations between variables. Trends for multiple variables are combined when possible (based on the dimension of the variable)
    • "Map" will open a new window with a coloured county map that shows differences beween counties for selected variables. There will be a drop down box with the variables selected.
  • The chapters are listed on the left and assist in scrolling through the available trends.
  • The chapters and sub-chapters can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on the little double arrows or on the chapter title.
  • If you move your mouse over a sparkline, an enlarged chart with axes information will pop-up.
  • Click on the details button to see an enlarged chart and a table. There will also be a reference to the data source.
  • You can select/unselect variables for further analyses by clicking on the little box in front of the variable name.
Further explanation of a variable can be found by clicking on the name of the variable (not available for all variables).