Thursday, May 9, 2013

Regional Disability Data and Maps

The Census Bureau collects data on disability primarily through the American Community Survey (ACS) and the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP). The definitions of disability are not always alike so caution should be taken when making comparisons across these two very different surveys. Generally, the SIPP estimates of disability prevalence are broader and encompass a greater number of activities on which disability status is assessed. The ACS has a more narrow definition but is capable of producing estimates for states, counties, and metropolitan areas. Because the ACS has replaced the decennial long-form as the source for small area statistics, there is no disability data in the 2010 Census. New municipal level disability data will not be available for  at least a year as the definitions and question structure has changed. This requires a longer sampling period and hence, we are still stuck with our Census 2000 data as our "most recent."

Attached below are data for every municipality in each county, as well as maps at the block group level depicting the percent of people with self reported disabilities from the Census 2000.

Click to Enlarge Herkimer County Data
Click to Enlarge Oneida County Data

Click to Enlarge Herkimer County Disabilities Map
Click to Enlarge Oneida County Disabilities Map