Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Data Based on Zip Codes

A short time ago I posted about the US Postal Service celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ZIP Code. While census data is not available by ZIP Code, it is available by something called a ZCTA (pronounced zik-da). This stands for ZIP Code Tabulation Areas. These approximate ZIP codes based on their relationship to available census geography. To learn more about ZCTAs, visit this Census Bureau webpage.

The ZCTAs are available through American Fact Finder on the Census data page as a level of searchable geography. Once you select a ZCTA you can then get information on it including the 4 standard profiles we usually review - demographic, economic, social and housing profiles. Below, for example, is the demographic profile for the 13350 (Herkimer) ZCTA.

Keep in mind that ANY of the data normally accessed through the American Communities Survey is most likely available for the ZCTA you're interested in. So if you're looking for data by ZIP Code, or maybe more accurately, by ZCTA, email me at , or call our office at (315) 798-5710 and we can help you track down your data need.