Wednesday, July 17, 2013

25 Interesting Census Maps and Graphs

From comes 25 Interesting Census Maps and Graphs. Many of these maps show the data on the county level so you can pick out Herkimer and Oneida counties pretty easily. In particular I like the map on "hard-to-count" counties.

It was actually put together prior to the Census 2010 as a predictor of which counties might have response issues based on scores across 12 variables. These 12 variables included housing indicators (percent renters, multi-units, crowded housing, lack of telephones, vacancy) and people indicators (poverty, not high school graduate, unemployed, complex households, mobility, language isolation). Other operational and demographic data were also included, such as race/ethnic distributions.

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 To see an explanation of the map and the process used, you can read this article from the USA Today.