Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Popular Running and Biking Routes Based on App Tracking

The use of apps to track your movements, especially when exercising is exploding with the use of smart phones and body-wearable technology. Below is an example of how that technology can be used to show popular running and biking routes. Strava, a company that provides such an app, creates maps by (1) taking all of the routes reported through their app, then (2) stripping all the personal information from the data, and finally (3) provide the data to DOTs and interested groups to perform detailed analysis and glean insights into the running and biking patterns of it's patrons.

Below is a map of the Valley area (Ilion-Mohawk-Herkimer) showing the running routes popular in the area. Visit the Strava website and see what the biking routes entail, or go to your area to see popular routes!