Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Regional Homelessness: Individuals Alone and Persons in Familes (2006-2014)

HUD provides data for homelessness on a somewhat localized level. They use what they refer to as "Continuums of Care" (or CoCs). These tend to be city or urban areas, as well as combined counties, as is the case for the Madison-Oneida County region in upstate NY.

Locally there is a coalition focused on homelessness and on housing related issues. They are part of the data collection process used by HUD. This is the Mohawk Valley Housing and Homelessness Coalition. The mission of the MV Housing and Homelessness Coalition is to prevent and end homelessness in the Mohawk Valley.  Their work includes sustaining an inclusive, community wide, system-level planning, program development and program integration process that targets public and private, local, state, and federal resources to the areas of greatest need.

Below is several years worth of data from HUD on regional homelessness. Please note how drastically the data drops between 2010 and 2011. It is in that time frame that HUD redefined who was to be included in the homeless survey, excluding those that might have taken refuge in a residential program that also offers treatment services. For better or worse, this definitional change certainly impacted what the local homeless numbers look like.  

If you'd like additional information about housing or homelessness in our area, please check out the MV Housing and Homelessness Coalition website.

You can click the graph below to enlarge it for better viewing.


You can also go to Homeless Analytics and view maps showing a variety of data on homelessness for your region. They include maps like the one below as well as reports (note the circled red area). Here's screenshot of the map for our area. Click to enlarge it.