Monday, July 13, 2015

Small Ethnic Populations By Census Tracts In Herkimer

Below are two maps of Herkimer County. Each helps identify small ethnic populations within census tracts within the census tracts of the county. These are not the major ethnic groups that dominate the county population. Around 80% of people living in Herkimer County identify themselves as being either Irish, Italian, German, Polish or English.

Instead these are the next most popular ethnicities/ancestries identified by people within each census tract. Generally speaking these are very small groups of people - typically somewhere between 50 and 350 people. So these ethnicities or ancestries identified on the maps below are small pockets of of people who maintain an identification with less familiar backgrounds.

When looking at the maps beware of a couple of things. The exact locations of the people claiming to be "Canadian" in a tract, for example, is unknown. The placement of the label is purely a matter of convenience, not an indication of where any group specifically lives. Second, the size of the type is used to suggest the relative size of the populations in each group. Larger type size equals more people.

So take a look at your area, r4ecognize that most of the people that live there are probably one of the Big Five (Italian, Irish, German, Polish or English), but that there are other groups living in your community who may have a considerably different background than you have !

County-wide Tracts


Valley and Village Tracts