Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Matrix of ACS Tables for Herkimer and Oneida County Profiles

There is a link under the main banner that will take you anytime to the matrix of ACS profile tables for Herkimer and Oneida Counties. These matrices provide you with access to the five and three year demographic, social, economic and housing profile for both counties, as well as the same single year profiles for Oneida County. Simply click the link above to take you to this permanent set of tables.

Please remember that if your intent is to compare different years of ACS data, that you should:

  • only compare like versions to like versions (one year estimates to one year estimates)
  • only compare discrete sets to one another (sets that do not have over lapping years, such as the 2012-2010 three year estimate to the three year estimate covering 2009-2007 since none of the years between the two overlap).
These matrices will continue to be updated as new ACS data profiles emerge each year !