Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Herkimer County Areas With Significantly Higher or Lower Median Household Incomes

With the release of the 2013 ACS Five Year Estimates, a variety of data can now be looked at in terms of smaller geographies. This includes villages and towns. But even smaller census areas, like block groups, also have data available for review through the American Fact Finder on Census.gov. This is the first time that data on census block groups has been made available through the AFF.

Below is an example of what data is now out there for small geographies. It is a map showing the block groups for Herkimer County, highlighting those that have significantly higher or lower median household incomes when compared to the county as a whole. Note that some of the areas are hatched - this is done in order to let the viewer know that the margin of error for that particular small area is quite high (generally higher than 30% of the estimate). When margins of error are high for an estimate, it is important to view that data with some caution. It doesn't mean you should discount the information, but you need to view it as being statistically, well, fuzzy at best !

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