Monday, September 29, 2014

Determining Fiscal Stress of Municipal Entities in 2013

The New York State Comptrollers Office recently released a report on their Fiscal Stress Monitoring System for various municipal entities across New York State. They also have a website where you can search for these municipal entities by name, etc. at

The object of the monitoring system is to help New York State local officials deal with fiscal challenges and to identify clearly those local governments and school districts that are moving towards, or are already in, fiscal stress. Such monitoring of the fiscal health of local governments and school districts should allow for early actions to prevent these entities from ending up in severe fiscal stress. The preventive actions – ideally developed with active participation from citizens who will be affected − should result in less cost and less disruption to vital services.

The Fiscal Stress Monitoring System evaluates local governments (counties, cities, towns and villages)and school districts based on both financial and environmental indicators. The financial indicators will be calculated using financial data that is filed in annual update documents (AUDs) by each local government and in annual financial reports (ST-3s) for school districts. A score will be calculated for each financial indicator to arrive at an overall score for each local government and school district, which will then be used to classify whether the unit is in “significant fiscal stress,” “moderate fiscal stress,”is “susceptible to fiscal stress,” or “no designation.” 

Below are the stress scores for entities from Herkimer and Oneida Counties. For a full explanation of the scores visit the Comptroller's link above.

Herkimer County

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Oneida County

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The website will also give you a full fiscal self assessment of each municipal entity if you click on their scores.