Monday, July 28, 2014

Regional Income Variations By Race, Sex and Education Levels

Recently there have been several news articles locally and nationally drawing attention to the variations in income and employment between minorities and non-minorities. Taking a quick look at the regional data for Herkimer and Oneida Counties in the PUMS files, some interesting numbers can be found. Below is a chart showing the mean income over the last 12 months when respondents were surveyed through the American Communities Survey. These data are part of the ACS Five Year estimates for 2012.

As seen below, white males make the most when compared to their male counterparts among blacks, Asians and Hispanics. While white females generally make more annually than do their black cohorts, Asian and Hispanic females appear to generally average more income than do white females.
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The one thing that clearly stands out when looking at that graphic, as well as the table below, is how poorly black males and females perform financially compared to their cohorts, regardless of their educational levels. Black men and women are consistently paid less than almost every other similarly educated group. The table below shows the overall ranking of each of the 32 groups examined, and provides some break out of women, blacks, Asians and Hispanics for comparison purposes.

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