Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2011 IRS Federal Tax Return Data Summaries for Herkimer and Oneida Counties

The Missouri State Census Data Center has recently released a tool for extracting IRS data from the 2011 IRS Returns. The returns data are aggregated summaries of U.S. federal tax returns (form 1040 for specific tax years and geographic areas. In this case, they are the 2011 returns and have been disaggregated into State, County and Zip Code geographies. Regional data has been downloaded for further analysis, but I wanted to offer the following sort of first cut look at some of the basics when it comes to those that filed taxes from either Herkimer or Oneida Counties.

Below is a table providing insight into the number of returns, whether they were filed jointly, were filed with a paid preparer, and the number of exemptions and dependents declared by filers. Each of these is broken out by 7 basic adjusted gross income (AGI) categories - those with no income, those between a $1 and $24,999, those from $25,000 to $49,999, those from $50,000 to $74,999, those from $75,000 to $99,999, those from $100,000 to $199,999, and those at $200,000 and above.

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As I get other data disaggregated I will post more in the coming days !