Thursday, September 26, 2013

Regional HIV and AIDs cases

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released a new interactive database on the prevalence of international HIV infections and AIDs cases and deaths. The data represents a compilation of information from 219 countries and areas, and has data for more than 100 countries not included in past releases. Major updates include new data for China, Ghana, Ethiopia, India and Cameroon. The database focuses on HIV/AIDS surveillance data for countries and areas with at least 5,000 population, but does not have information on Northern America (including the United States) and U.S. territories. Public health surveillance involves the collection, analysis and use of data to provide public health prevention resources where needed.

In terms of New York State, the State Department of Health released county related data last August in a report on HIV/AIDs. It provides a variety of information for the year 2010, including the number of HIV and AIDs cases among the general public (including prisoners), and the number of cases without prisoners included. I've pulled out the Herkimer and Oneida County data from the DOH report below.