Monday, March 19, 2012

It's A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood !

Welcome to the Neighborhood !

Defining neighborhoods, in census terms, is not an easy prospect. Neighborhoods, well often well defined, do change over time as in and out migration, as well as the aging of populations, occurs. However, for the most part they generally remain in place for fairly lengthy periods.

One of the sets of data we get requests for in particular is for “neighborhoods” in the City of Utica. Such requests pose problems on several levels. The first is a matter of definition – what exactly ARE the neighborhoods of Utica ? And secondly, there is of course the issue of does any data exist for these specific areas being looked at?

Since 1980 data has been developed for what are seven distinct sections of the city. While there can be much debate about the boundaries of each area, they are historical “neighborhoods” from the standpoint of the availability of census data if nothing else. These seven can be seen on the map below, and include: East Utica, West Utica, North Utica, South Utica, Southeast Utica, Center City Utica, and Cornhill.

Neighborhood data exists then since about 1980 through the 2000 Census for Utica. Currently there is no such data put together for the 2010 Census, but efforts are underway to get at similar data for these areas of the city.

In the meantime, here is a basic three page demographic profile for the seven neighborhoods comprising Utica from the 2000 Census.