Thursday, March 15, 2012

2010 Census General Profiles for Every Municipality in The Region

The Census Bureau releases a HUGE amount of data for municipalities. Trying to provide ALL of the data to those in need is not really practical in a blog, or any other way short of going to the Census Bureau's American Fact Finder website.

However, the Empire State Development Office of NYS has made what are called "general profiles" available to the affiliates (and the public as well) on every single municipality across the state. The profiles are nine pages long per municipality and cover the most basic data from the 2010 Census - things like age, race, sex and household data. It does NOT include items such as education, poverty, or employment data. Remember that the decennial census now only covers 8 or so questions. Information on things like poverty, education, etc., are now available through the American Communities Survey (ACS), which is done on an annual basis. To learn more about the ACS you might want to read this earlier post.

In the meantime, the General Profiles for every town, village and city, as well as the "remainder of towns" (i.e. a town's population MINUS all villages within it) appears below for both Herkimer and Oneida Counties. They are arranged alphabetically (after the County data is presented in the first 9 pages) by town, with village data following the town in which it is located. These can answer many of your questions about the Census 2010 data for your municipality !

The files (pdfs) are large, so be patient as they load for your viewing !

Herkimer County Municipalities' Census 2010 General Profiles

Oneida County Municipalities' Census 2010 General Profiles