Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Goldilocks Temperature: Finding the Right Place For You

Using  30-year temperature averages maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find out which places in the country had the most days where the average temperature within a range that wasn't too hot, or too cold, but juuuuuust right - hence the Goldilocks reference - the Washington has created an interactive map that allows you to find your ideal location based on temperatures.

The site lets you select the high and low temperatures of the range you most think is comfortable, and then provides a map which shows you, by county, which areas are most in line with what you find to be perfect! As you slide the upper or lower temperature guide, notice how the map changes. If you hover over a county, it will give you the number of days the temperature is in that range ! Below is a screen shot for Herkimer County I did for temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees. Click to enlarge the graphic.


Go to the website and try your own range and see where you might be more comfortable !