Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Home Ownership Turnover: Percent of Owner Occupied Homes With New Owners Since the Year 2000

The map below is based on the 2013 ACS Block Group data for the region. It represents the percent of owner occupied homes that have new owners since the year 2000 for each block group in the region.

Block groups are simply smaller parts of census tracts. These block groups are broken into those where half or more of the homes have changed hands, 40 to 49 percent have new owners, 30 to 39 percent are now owned by someone other than who owned them in the year 2000, and those where less than 30% have changed owners. Basically this is from the most active area of turnover to the least active area of turnover.

Also note: the green areas are block groups with fewer than 50 owner occupied homes present. For statistical purposes, they were excluded from the review of change in ownership due to the small number of homes in those areas.

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