Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The 2020 Census and a Look Back at the Local Update of Census Addresses in Herkimer County

The US Census Bureau offers the following info-graphic concerning the coming 2020 Census. While it seems a long ways off, the years leading up to 2020 are critical for assuring the census counts are as accurate as can be. Click on each of the two panels to see them full sized.

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One of the most important parts of the pre-census activities involves LUCA, or the Local Update of Census Addresses. The Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) program provided an opportunity for designated representatives of local, state, and tribal governments to review addresses contained in the Census Bureau's MAF/TIGER database.

The result of the LUCA program, which our office coordinated, was significant for Herkimer County, as seen below.

Initially some 5,000 addresses were found to be missing from the Herkimer County master address file maintained by the Census Bureau. Of the 5,034 addresses found missing and submitted, the Census Bureau only accepted 994 of them. They also determined another 1500 or so were unfounded (leaving a balance of 5,497 not accepted). We then appealed some 3,000 of those of which 2,511 were accepted. The result was more than 3,500 addresses were found and added to the master address file on behalf of Herkimer County during the last pre-census LUCA activities.

As more is known about the implementation of LUCA for the 2020 Census we will share that information !