Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Herkimer County and Older Populations with Disabilities

The Census Bureau has released a report entitled Older Americans With A Disability: 2008-2012  which breaks out a variety of disabilities present among our older population members. Data for this report came from the 2012 ACS 5-year estimates. The 5-year estimates are ideal for conducting meaningful and statistically reliable analyses of special population groups, such as the older population with a disability, not only for the entire nation, but also for states and counties. The report examines the demo-graphic and socioeconomic characteristics, as well as the geographic distribution of the older population with a disability, with a focus on those in poverty or living alone.

One of the first things to recognize is what the ACS uses as a definition of "disabled". Below is a piece from their report laying out the six basic categories of disabilities that they measure.

Based on those definitions here is a map of the percent of those age 65 or older that are disabled for every county in the US. Click to enlarge the map.

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The following data provides insight into the age and type of disabilities for Herkimer County residents as well as the prevalence of multiple disabilities.

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