Monday, August 11, 2014

New York Times Article on Utica as a Refugee Haven

This article from the New York Times is very insightful into the life of refugees that have made their way to Utica and begun anew. It's well worth the read ! The article focuses on Sadia Ambure, a junior in high school.

"Sadia’s family belongs to the Mudey clan and over 100 extended family members live within blocks of one another. Family ties are everything, yet Sadia and her sisters have stitched together American and Somali Bantu identities. She keeps Steve Madden boots in her school locker to wear under skirts that were ordered from Somali Bantu catalogs. She covets Subway sandwiches — and occasionally hides one in the refrigerator — but is devoted to her mother’s goat stew. She wants to try her hand at modeling, but so far her mother, who has the final word on everything — even a trip to the movies — has said no."