Monday, July 29, 2019

Older Herkimer County Residents and Their Home Living Arrangements

Herkimer County, like  much of New York State, has seen its population age as the Baby Boom generation ages. Since the 2010, the median age of residents in the County has increased from 42.2 years of age or 43.7 years of age.

Of the nearly 63,000 people that live in Herkimer County, more than a quarter (26%) are age 60 or older. The vast majority of these older residents (96%) live in households; less than 600 currently live in group quarters such as nursing homes, etc., located within the county.

The types of households older people live in can be broken into two categories: family households and nonfamily households.

Family Households typically involve (a) a married couple who may be living with other relatives such as their children; (b) a female headed household with no husband present, or (c) a male headed household with no wife present.

About 56% of all residents 60 or older live in family households. The graphic below shows the current distribution among those 60 years old or older among Family Households.

NonFamily Households are typically either a person living alone, or someone living with another person who isn't their spouse and is also a non-relative. About 44% of the County's population age 60 and over live in NonFamily Households. Again, shown below is a graphic depicting those living in NonFamily Households distribution between the two types of living arrangements in this category.